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A collection of frequently asked questions.


Do you offer delivery?

Absolutely! I mainly work in the Finger Lakes region of New York, but have had events as far as Albany, NY and Scranton, PA.

What is your delivery charge?

Delivery fees start at $30 within a 20 mile radius of Lansing, NY.  Beyond 20 miles the fee is assessed per mile at the current IRS rate (  For large orders, such as wedding cakes valued over $400, the fee for the first 20 miles is waived as I do not expect a bride and groom to pick up and set up their own large wedding cake. 


How much filling is in each tier of cake?

Every cake tier has 4 layers of cake and three layers of filling.  Yum!

What are your most popular flavor combinations?

Check out the cake flavor and information page for a list of suggested and popular cake flavor combinations.

Do you offer cake consultations/tastings?

Absolutely!  Cake consultations and tastings are $30 for two people, and typically last around an hour.  If you

would like more than just the two of you to taste during your consolation, no problem! Every additional guest

will be $10. 


A tasting includes a selection of four cake flavors and eight fillings to give you a wide range of flavor

combination options.  During the consultation, we will discuss the design of your cake, so please bring color

swatches, inspirational pictures, your invitation, etc.


If you decide to book and your order is over $600, your couple’s tasting fee of $30 will be applied to your total. 


I have a specific flavor in mind and I see you don't offer it at this time, do you make custom flavors?

Custom is custom!  I have made many custom flavors for clients in the past, and some have even made their way onto my

flavor list.  I am happy to create something special just for you!

What is the difference between buttercream cakes and fondant finished cakes?

A buttercream cake has four layers of cake and three layers of our signature buttercream per tier and the circumference is finished with a layer of smooth buttercream.  A fondant cake has the same 4 layers of cake and three layers of signature buttercream per tier, but is finished in a thin layer of yummy chocolate ganache and homemade fondant around the circumference.

The biggest difference between fondant and buttercream is what you can do with them.  Designs with a fondant cake are ENDLESS where buttercream cakes tend to be more limited.  Fondant cakes also hold up to heat during outdoor events and hot summer days much better than an all buttercream cakes do. When it comes time to design a special cake for you, I will work with you to make sure the best cake medium is used, while still ensuring the design is what you are hoping for.

I am not a fan of fondant cakes, is that ok?

I understand, I am a buttercream girl myself, so I try to make as many designs with buttercream as possible as long as people are comfortable with the risks.  Actually, the majority of my cakes are finished in buttercream.  Obviously, there are some cases where fondant is the best option, but luckily eating a buttercream finished cake and a fondant finished cake aren’t too different from each other.  I use ganache under my fondant so I am able to use only a very thin layer of fondant on my cakes. 



How much is one of your cakes?

The price of a cake is determined by the flavors selected, servings, and design.  The absolute best way to

get a budget number for a cake is to email your design ideas, guest count and location to For a rough idea, buttercream cakes start at $5/slice and fondant cakes start

at $7.25/slice.  There are also some situations where a cake could be less.  No matter what your budget is

I can help guide you with your sections.

Why are fondant cakes more expensive than buttercream cakes?

Cakes finished in fondant have a yummy layer of chocolate ganache and the fondant is homemade rather

than just from a tub, resulting in an amazingly delicious cake, and not the standard fondant cake you may

be used to.  Fondant cakes are more expensive for me to create due to ingredients that are more labor intensive, resulting in a cake that costs a little more.


How far in advance should I place my order?

Depending on the time of year I can book up to a year in advance, especially during wedding season (May through September).  Sadly, more orders a year tend to get turned away than accepted, so it’s never too early to place your order.  Even though some dates get booked far in advance, it is always good to check-in just in case.  Sometimes I can squeeze your order in!  


I have a specific budget, is that ok?

No problem!  I can work with most budgets to provide you something special for your event!

Are deposits required?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, or credit card are all accepted.


Do you have a storefront?

I currently work out of a commercial kitchen space that does not have a store front, so I am by appointment only. 

Do you have cake/cupcake stands?

Sure do!  I actually have a little bit of a cake stand addiction.  My stands are either custom made locally or purchased from some of the finest cake stand manufacturers to ensure they can hold the heavy weight of a cake.  Stand rentals start at as little as $10 and a security deposit is needed as well to cover the purchase price of the stand.  The security deposit is returned if the stand is returned within five business days of your event.

A list with all of the images and information on each stand is available upon request.

Is a cake topper a must have?

Absolutely not.  Actually, sometimes I feel like it can take away from the design of the cake.  I am happy to do as you wish for you cake or I can help guide you in any way with your selection, I personally am a big fan of etsy.

Where do you gather your inspiration from?

I gather inspirations from absolutely everything.  When designing a cake for an event it can be anything from the invitation to the wedding dress.  I often add images of cakes that inspire me to my Pinterest board, check them out!

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